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  2. Toneladas de dibujos para colorear y pintar!
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Activity Report – Orange – Page Home – Orange RA

In , the second vegetable garden was set up in Buis-sur-Damville. Half a century of history, 30 years of Arpege and 20 years of 3 stars this year! The dishes that Alain Passard creates have a certain poetic mystery and an obvious enigma; they are always set to music, fugues, arias, sonatas, concertos, oratorios — They are symphonies around the products. I proceed by touches. The technical aspect comes after this. The gestures, the journey of the hand, the agility of the fingers, knowing how to erase it and get to the essence, this is what gives precision. I like listening to my cooking, hearing the subtleness of the crackling.

Taste is a simple combination of 2 or 3 flavours, it is extremely linked to textures, it should be strong yet delicate.

Toneladas de dibujos para colorear y pintar!

Scent is like the first note of a dish, it gives the tempo, a pleasant scent tells a beautiful story. Alain Passard creates much like a fashion designer, only serving his guests with produce from his gardens. He exposes himself to the hazards of nature, and insists on serving only natural, strong and pure products.

Each day, on each delivery, the gardens offer an array of originality, creations and variations. Assisted by craftsmen, farmers, fishermen that are carefully selected, Alain Passard never ceases to amaze us, often by disregarding the boundaries of a menu, he improvises…and catches you by surprise. Sandy soil and an apiary in the Sarthe region, clay soil in the Eure region: we care about preserving the environment. Three people look after the vegetable garden in Bois Giroult. For the wellbeing of the gardens as well as the earth, there are two donkeys, two foals, as well as cows, chickens, and a goat.

Through these gardens, I have trusted nature with my creativity; it is nature that dictates my actions.

Chocolat by Collectif

The most beautiful cookery book was written by nature itself! Regular Jacket Bleached Out. Cut Off Jacket Sunny Stripes. Summer Logo Tee French Vanilla. Sign Off Tee Lagoon. Regular Jacket Blue Hawaii.

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    Dégustation : la tarte Tatin, un succès renversant

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