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  2. POOL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
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To utilize the upper fitness area an additional fee will apply. Non-lodging Seven Stars card holders have complimentary access every day. Anyone 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older for the entire stay in the area. Adult Swim starts promptly at 5pm every day.

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Valid photo ID, room key, and Caesars Rewards membership cards are needed to apply any eligible discount. Caesars welcomes those that are of legal casino gambling age to our website. Have A Gambling Problem? The pool is a pressure cooker of social expectations for women: to diet, shop, shave, tweeze, sculpt and tone.

POOL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

It lays bare discriminations of race, gender performance and size. But the pool is still a site of opportunity: for freedom, pleasure, sex, friendship and rebirth. Kayla is enchanted by the image of one boy — she watches, slack-jawed, as he emerges from the pool — but she herself is invisible. Her only escape is to dip under the water, where she must hold her breath, which is really what she feels like she is doing all the time.

Amy has never had sex, but she wants to, and as she slips underwater, she enters her own kind of fantasy state, gliding toward self-actualization, only to come up for air and discover her dream date kissing a boy.

There is an equality of skin on display here — first Nathan strips naked, and then Issa does, swapping rubbernecking for an intimate mutual gaze. As they tread water together, Issa reveals herself to Nathan with an honesty that has eluded her in past relationships. The pool is sensual and baptismal at once.

Perhaps the apotheosis of female pool ownership belongs to the modern pop star. In music videos and on social media, they are telling their own stories about their bodies, and on their own terms.

Lizzo, who has recast herself as the star of vintage workout tapes in her music videos, has also posted zoomed-in, slow-motion videos of herself joyously twerking in the pool and emerging from it in a glamorous bikini, Phoebe Cates-style. While the fancy pools of pop culture belie a fundamental emptiness, she has a wonderful time splashing around in aboveground plastic versions.

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Jordyn Imhoff. July 10, AM.

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  • Breeding grounds While the majority of cryptosporidiosis outbreaks are linked to pools 35 percent , 15 percent are linked to cattle exposure, according to the CDC. Vernon B. Carruthers, Ph. Community Health. Infectious Disease.