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  1. Every Letter Is Silent, Sometimes
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  3. Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters
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Every Letter Is Silent, Sometimes

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Silent k and g - Wikipedia

Did the kn ight kn it all night long? I have a kn ack for kn eading bread dough. What do you kn ow about kn ights? What autu mn holiday do you like best?

Silent words ko kaise pahchane -- Silent letters in english in hindi -- Silent words rule in english

Do not conde mn the wrong person. The bo mb blew off his right thu mb. The plu mb er hummed my favorite hy mn. Look at a pronunciation guide. Pick up a language textbook, or look for a language-learning guide online that focuses on the rules of pronunciation in the language you are interested in. A good pronunciation guide should have a section dealing with silent letters.

You could try a language pronunciation guide that uses both text and audio, like How to Pronounce French Correctly by Stanley Connell. You may also be able to find a silent letter pronunciation guide online, like this detailed English example from Kent State University.

Find out which letters are most often silent. Depending on the language you are working with, particular letters may be frequently or always unpronounced. For example: H is always silent in French. Learn the rules of when letters are silent versus spoken. Sometimes, letters that are normally silent in a language are pronounced under special circumstances.

For example, many consonants at the ends of words in French are normally silent. However, they may be pronounced when followed by a word that starts with a vowel. For example, a final R sound in British English may be pronounced if the next word starts with a vowel.

Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters

Look up the differences in pronunciation in different dialects. Even within a single language, the rules may vary depending on accent or dialect. For example, an R at the end of a word may be pronounced in many dialects of American English, but not in British English. In Canadian French, consonants that are usually pronounced in Metropolitan French may be dropped in casual speech. Method 2. Memorize the most common silent letter patterns.

Silent letters frequently appear in particular parts of a word e.

English Words that End with a Silent E

One good way to know if a letter is silent is to memorize the common patterns or rules in a specific language. Look over your pronunciation guide, and take some time to memorize the most common patterns or silent letter combinations. Learn individual words with silent letters. In addition to memorizing common pronunciation patterns, you may need to memorize individual words with silent letters.

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You may also be able to find a list of these words online or in a language textbook. Make flashcards. Flashcards are a great aid for memorizing vocabulary and pronunciations. Put together flashcards from your list of words with silent letters. Quiz yourself with flashcards, or practice using them with a friend or study partner. For word flashcards, you could write the word on one side, and spell it out phonetically on the other side e. Keep an eye out for exceptions. Check a language book or pronunciation guide for words that are commonly mispronounced because they do not follow the expected pattern for silent letter use.