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In Alchemy, two are the opposites, sun and moon. King and Queen. Sulpher and quicksilver, at first antagonistic but finally resolved and united in the androgyne. Buddhist: see two as the duality of samsara; male and female. Two is theory and practice; wisdom and method. It is blind and the lame united to see the way and to walk it.

Revelation: Two is the number of witness. Two witnesses are required to establish truth Deu , John , 2 Cor Examples in Revelation are the beast out of the earth who has two horns like a lamb but spoke like a dragon He is the false prophet. However the two witnesses are the true prophets of God Platonic: Plato says two is a digit without meaning as it implies relationship, which introduces the third factor. Determinants, the yin-yang. Two is a weak yin number as it as no center.

Creative power; growth. Three is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality, expression, manifestation and synthesis. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, a middle and an end. The power of three is universal and is the tripartide nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters.

It is human as body, soul and spirit. Notice the distinction that soul and spirit are not the same. They are not. Three is birth, life, death. It is the beginning, middle and end. Three is a complete cycle unto itself. It is past, present, future. The symbol of three is the triangle. Three interwoven circles or triangles can represent the indissoluble unity of the three persons of the trinity. Others symbols using three are: trident, fleur-de-lis, trefoil, trisula, thunderbolt, and trigrams.

The astral or emotional body stays connected to the physically body for three days after death. There is scientific evidence that the brain, even when all other systems are failing takes three days to register complete shutdown. Three is the heavenly number, representing soul, as four represents body. There are three wishes, genies have three wishes, three leprecons, three prince or princesses, three witches, three weird sisters among others. They are depicted as aniconic stelae, stones or pillars, or as pillars surmounted by doves. Chinese: Sanctity; the auspicious number; the first odd, yang number….

The moon toad, or bird, is three-legged. Celtic: Bridgit is threefold; there are the Three Blessed Ladies and innumerable Triads, often a threefold aspect of the same divinity. Christianity: Three represents the Trinity, the soul, the union of body and soul in human in the church.

There were 3 crosses at Calvary, He died on The Hills, there were 3 days to the death process for Christ, and there were 3 appearances after his death. There were 3 Marys, and there are 3 qualities or theological virtutes being Faith, Hope, Love or more commonly known as Charity. The Supreme Power. Three is the mystery, come from the great one, Hear, and light on thee will dawn. In the primeval dwell three unities, Other than these none can exist. Three come forth from the three of the balance, All Life, all Good, all Power.

All things animate are of three states of existence, Chaos or death, liberty in humanity, and felicity of Heaven. Three symbolizes manifestation into the physical. It is the triangle — pyramid shape in the vesica pisces — see image below. Their job is to vanquish evil forces in their many forms and sometimes non-forms. In some episodes so called evil and good must work together to bring balance to a situation. They cancel each other out in the end — poof — gone — disappeared! The alchemy of three is demonstrated by its power of multiplicity.

Thus in addition to being a number of good fortune, Three is also the number of multiplicity and alchemy among other things. Many believe the Triquetrais an ancient symbol of the female trinity, because it is composed of three interlaced yonic Vesica Pisces a. A Vesica is formed when the circumference of two identical circles each pass through the center of the other in effect creating a portal. The creation process as described in the Vedas is unfolding, maintaining, and concluding as in birth, life and death. There are innumerable trinities and triads throughout myth and religious traditions, such as the triple goddess; maiden, mother, crone.

One example in Greek mythology is Kore, Demeter, Hecate. Four is seen as the first solid number. Spatial in scheme or order in manifestation. Static as opposed to the circular and the dynamic Wholeness; totality; completion; solid Earth; order Rational — relativity and justice Symbol of measurement Foundation. The are four cardinal points; four seasons; four winds; four directions as in North, South, East, West ; four elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth in the western culture. There are four sides to a square; four arms to a cross.

There are four rivers to Paradise, that formed a cross the Garden of Eden was said to be within the four rivers. Within Paradise were four infernal regions, seas, and sacred mountains. There are four watches of the night and day, quarters of the moon. There are four quarters to the earth. There are four tetramorphs. The Divine Quaternity is in direct contrast to the Trinity. Four is a symbolic number used throughout in the Old Testament.

The quaternary can be depicted as the quatrefoil as well as the square and the cross. Native American: As in other cultures, ceremonies and ritual acts are repeated in fours. The Native Amercican cultures have used the number 4 most frequently as in the four cardinal directions. The four winds are depicted by the symbol of the cross and by the symbol of the swastika.

The swastika as some misbelieve was not created by Hitler. It was instead borrowed from the Native American and occult beliefs of which Hitler had great interests.

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Buddhism: The Damba Tree of Life has four limbs and from its roots four sacred streams of Paradise that represent the the four boundless wishes of compassion, affection, love impartiality. It also represents the four directions of the heart as well. Chinese: Four is the number of the Earth, symbolized by the square. There are four streams of immortality.

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Four is even an number. It is Yin in polarity. Christian: Four is the number representing the body, with three representing the soul. Again we see the theme of the four rivers in Paradise. There are four cardinal virtues—prudence, fortitude, justice, temperance. The are four winds from which the One Spirit is said to come.

There are four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Revelation: There four angels standing at the four corners of the Earth, holding back the four winds of the earth Rev Egyptian: Four is the sacred number of Time, measurement of the sun. Four pillars support the vault of heaven. There are four canopic jars placed around the dead at the four corners guarded by the four sons of Horus who are associated with the cardinal points. In the Hermetic it is the divine quaternity.

It represents God. Hebrew: Four represents measuring; beneficence; intelligence. In the Kabbalah four is memory; four represents the four worlds of the Kabbalah. It also represents the four directions of space and the four levels of the hierarchical organism of the Torah. Hindu: Four is Totality; plenitude; perfection. Brahma, the Creator is four faced. The temple is based on the four sides of the square, symbolizing order and finality. There are four tattvas the four bodies bodies of human and kingdoms of nature which are animal, vegetable, mineral, mind.

There are four yugas. Four is the winning throw of the dice. There are four castes and pairs of opposites. Islamic: tradition the four terms of the quaternary are the Principle which is Creator; Universal Spirit; Universal Soul; and the primordial matter. These correspond to the four worlds of Kabbalism. There are four angelic beings and four houses of death.

There are four levels to the Bardo. Pythagorean: Four is Perfection; harmonious proportion; justice; the earth. Four is the number of the Pythagorean oath. Four and ten are divinities. Taoist: There are four celestial guardians, Li, with the pagoda; Ma, with the sword; Cho with two swords; Wen with a spiked club. Five is the symbol of human microcosm. The number of the human being. Human forms—-the pentagon when arms and legs are out stretched. The pentagon is endless —-sharing the symbolism of perfection and power of the circle.

Five is a circular number as it produces itself in its last digit when raised to its own power. The pentacle, like the circle symbolizes whole, the quincunx being the number of its center and the meeting point of heaven, earth, and the four cardinal points plus the center point. Five is also representative of the Godhead — Central Creator of the four fours plus itself equalling five. Five is the marriage of the hieros gamos as combination of feminine and the masculine.

The number five symbolizes meditation; religion; versatility. It represents the five senses taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing everywhere except in the East. In the East there are six—-the extra being Mind. We find meanings to five in the five petaled flower, five pointed leaves—especially the ROSE. The Rose has much symbolism, but also the lily, vine, all of which represent the microcosm.

The five pointed star depicts individuality and spiritual aspiration, and education when it points upward. The five pointed star pointing downward represents witchcraft, and it is used in black magic. Noted: There is a very broad difference between witchcraft and black magic. Buddhist: belief the heart has four directions— the heart center makes five, symbolizing, universality. This idea is also symbolized by the Sacred Mountains surrounded by the four islands. There are five Dhyani Buddhas: Vairocana, the Brillant, who is represented by the wheel, the witness; Akshobhya, the Imperturbable, with vajra, the East and blue; Ratnasambhava, the Jewel-born, jewel, south, yellow; Amitabha, Boundless Light, lotus, West, red; Amoghasiddhi, Infallible Success, sword, North, green.

Chinese: There are five elements. Five atmospheres; conditions; planets; sacred mountains; grains, colors, tastes, poisons; powerful charms; cardinal virtues; blessings; eternal ideas; relations to human kind. Christian: Five depicts human beings after the Fall in the Garden of Eden. There are five senses; five points to the cross; wounds of Christ; fishes feeding five thousand; and books of Moses. Graeco-Roman: Five is the nuptial number of love and union..

It is the number of Venus. Venus years are completed in groups of five. Apollo as god of light has five qualities: omniscience, omnipresence; omnipotence, eternity, and unity. Hebrew: Five represents strength and severity; radical intelligence. In kabbala five represence fear. Hindu: Five is the quinary groups of the world; the five elements of the subtle and coarse states; their primary colors; of senses; five faces of Siva and the twice-five incarnations of Vishnu. Islamic: There are five pillars of religion; five Devine Presences; five fundamental dogmas; five actions; and five daily times of prayer.

Parsee: Five is a significant number in Parsee and Mandaean rites — possibly connected with the five sacred intercalary days of light. Pythagorean: Hieros, gamos, the marriage of heaven, earth. It represents Apollo as God of light and his five qualities. Six represents equilibrium; harmony — balance. It is the most productive of all numbers. It symbolizes union of polarity, the hermaphrodite being represented by the two interlaced triangles, the upward- pointing as male, fire and the heavens, and the downward-pointing as female, the waters and the earth.

Six is the symbol of luck; love; health; beauty; chance. It is a winning number at the throw of the dice in the West. There are six rays of the solar wheel and there are six interlaced triangles. Chinese culture there are six senses: tastse, touch, smell, sight, hearing, the sixth being mind. The day and night each have six periods. Christian: Six is perfection; completion because man was created on the sixth day. Seven is the number of the Universe. It is the three of the heavens soul combined with the four body of the earth; being the first number containing both the spiritual and the temporal.

There are 7 ages of man ancient wonders of the world circles of Universe cosmic stages days of the week heavens hells pillars of wisdom rays of the sun musical notes — sound as frequency plays a key roll in matters of Universe. There are over 80 octaves of frequency — each governing a specific manifestation in Universe. The writings about the seven-headed dragon appear throughout India, Persia, the Far East, especially Cambodia, but also Celtic and other Mediterranean myths.

The seventh ray of the sun is the path by which the human beings pass from this world to the next. Seven days is the period for fasting and penitence. The seventh power of any number, both square and a cube and thus was given great importance. Astrology: There are seven stars of the Great Bear which are indestructible. There are seven Pleiades— sometimes referred to as the, Seven Sisters. Buddhist: Seven is the number of ascent and of ascending to the higest; attaining the center. The seven steps of Buddha symbolize the ascent of the seven cosmic stages transcending time and space.

The seven-storied prasada at Borobadur is a sacred mountain and axis mundi, culminating in the transcendent North, reaching the realm of Buddha. Chinese culture the meaning and symboligies are intertwined throughout in their myths and legends of fairies and animal spirits. Christian: Seven is idealogogy. God is represented by the seventh ray in the center of the six rays of creation.

There are 7 councils of the early church — crystal spheres containing the planets — devils cast out by Christ — joys and sorrows of Mary the Blessed Virgin, mother of Jesus — liberal arts — major prophets — periods of fasting and penitence — seventh day after the six of creation. In the Old Testament there are the seven altars of Baalam; oxen and rams for sacrifice; trumpets; circuits of Jericho; seven times Naaman bathed in the Jordan.

The Ark rested on the seventh month and the dove was sent out after seven days.

What does seeing Numerology such as 11:11, 12:34, 1:11, 3:33… mean to me?

The number seven is used 55 times in Revelation. It usually means fullness or completeness as in seven days of the week. God rested on the seventh day. Examples abound: seven churches, seven trumpets, seven seals, seven bowls, seven eyes etc etc. Egyptian mythology: There are seven Hathors as Fates and the priestesses of Hathor have seven jars in their seven tunics. Ra has seven hawks representing the seven Wise Ones. Six cows and a bull represent fertility. There are seven houses of the underworld, as depicted in Egyptian myths, with three times seven gates.

Seven is the sacred number of Osiris. Hebrew tradition: Seven is the number of occult intelligence. There are seven Great Holy Days in the Jewish year; the Menorah has seven branches; the Temple took seven years to build; and there are seven pillars of wisdom. Hinduism there are Seven Jewels of the Brahmanas and seven gods before the floods and seven Wise Men saved from it.

Islamic: The perfect number is seven. Certain orders of Brotherhood use theme of tying seven knots in their rope sash worn around their waist. Mithraic: The cave of Mithras has seven doors, seven altars, and a ladder with seven rungs depicting the seven grades of initiation into the mystery schools.

Sumero-Semitic: There are seven lunar divisions and days of the week. We can see here the influence of this belief in other religious contexts. There are seven zones of earth; heavens, symbolized by the planes of ziggurat. There are seven branches to the Tree of Life each having seven leaves. Leaves are symbols of fertility, renewal and growth. Seven is a mystic number traditionally associated with Venus and more recently with Neptune. It is feeling contained. Spiritually eight is the goal of the initiate, having gone through the seven stages. Eight is Infinity — Paradise regained.

There are eight winds and intermediate directions of space. Eight represents the pairs of opposites. The octagon is the beginning of the transformation of the square into a circle and vice versa. Eight in many cultures and ideologies seems to have similar meanings: Felicity Perfect rhythm Regeneration Resurrection. After seven days of fasting and penance the eighth day becomes plenty and renewal. Buddhist tradition: eight is completion, all possibilities.

There are eight symbols of good augury. Chinese system of belief eight represents the whole. It is all possibilities in manifestation. Eight is seen as a good luck number. The PAKUA is the design depicting the eight trigrams and pairs of opposites, usually in a circle, the circumference of which symbolizes time and space. There are eight delights of human existence. Christian: Eight is regeneration and rebirth. The font is usually octagonal as symbolizing the place of regeneration. There are eight beatitudes.

Hebrew: Eight is perfect intelligence; splendor. The Temple was sanctified in eight days. In their belief system there are eight regions of the world, suns, divisions of the day, and eight chakras. Islamic: The throne which encompasses the world is supported by eight angels, corresponding to both the eight divisions of space and the groups of letters in the Arabic alphabet.

Platonic: Plato has eight spheres of different colors surrounding the luminous pillars of the heavens. Taoist: Eight to be All possibilities in manifestation with the Pa Kua representing the forces in the phenomenal world. There are eight Taoist genii or immortals. It is the number of the circumference, its division into 90 degrees and into for the entire circumference.

Nine is symbolized by the two triangles which are a symbol of male, fire, mountain and female, water, cave principles. Celtic legend symbolizes nine as a highly significant number. It is a central number with the eight directions with the center making nine. The Triple Goddesses are thrice three. There are nine Celtic maidens and nine white stones that symbolize the nine virgins attendant on Bridgit.

Chinese: Nine is qa celestial power. Nine also signifies the eight directions with the center as the ninth point known as the Hall of Light. There are nine great social laws and classes of officials.

Etymological Meaning of the Rose Flower

Christian: Nine is one of the numbers that appears scantly in Christian symbolism. There are the triple triads of choirs of angels and nine spheres and nine rings around hell. Hebrew: Nine is pure intelligence eight was perfect intellingence. Also represents truth, since it reproduces itself when multiplied. Hindu: Nine is the number of Agni, fire. The square of the nine forms the mandala of eighty-one squares and leads to, and encloses the Universe.

Mayan: There are nine underworlds each ruled by a God.

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Pythagorean: The nine is the limit of all numbers, all others existing and coming from the same. Nine is the sacred number in Scandinavian-Teutonic symbolism. Ten is all-inclusive representing law; order and dominion. It is seen as the perfect—the return to unity. When based on the digits of the two hands, it is completeness and the foundation of all counting. Its highest ranges of completeness, and , are the basis of all Hindu cosmology, and in China the Ten Thousand Things, ie: the uncountable, symbolize the whole of manifestation.

Ten is also the number of completion of journeys and returns to origins: Odysseus wandered for nine years and returned on the tenth. Troy was besieged for nine years and fell on the tenth. Ten is the sum of the number nine of the circumference with the one of the center—-being perfection. We see ten also being symbolized in rituals like the ritual of the Maypole — the one of the axis with the circle danced around. Chinese: Represented by a cross formed centrally by the character chi, symbolizing the self facing both ways as both Yin and Yang, which is considered to be the perfect figure.

The Ten Celestial Stems Kan are possibly connected with the names of the ten-day week on the prevailing cyclic calculations, as evident in the number sixty. Tithes were to be given to God. Still in keeping with the Qabalist theme, ten, is representative of …. The first being the Monad, the First Cause of the other nine which are composed of three trinities, each being an image of the original Trinity of male-female and uniting intelligence. The tenth Adoni represents the mystic return to unity. The cherubim were ten cubits high and ten Levites minister before the Ark. Pythagorean: Ten is The Monad, the recommencement of a series and infinite expansion.

Ten is perfection. The number 11 is double digit that repeats itself — therefore is considered as a Master or Power Number. In Numerology — 11 represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.

Eleven is a higher octave of the number two. It carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. Because eleven contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and a keen sense of sensitivity, it also has negative effects such as treachery and betrayal from secret enemies. Ten being the perfect number, eleven represents the exceeding of both.

Reality is created by 12 a source. Triggered by a tone — the source divides into 12 pyramids which spiral around the source creating a multi-dimensional grid or matrix. Where is it? The fourth dimension is in the astral plane that interpen- etrates our physical plane, but which is usually invisible to us on our three- dimensional level. This is where thought forms exist.

We tune into the fourth dimension when the sense organs of our as- tral or etheric body are awakened. The physical body is an exact copy of the etheric counterpart, which encircles us and extends several feet from the physical. It is the etheric body that determines the shape of the physi- cal one by its lines of force. All through life it rebuilds and restores the physical. Any physical problems show up first in the etheric body. When they do, the etheric draws in closer to the physical.

We sense this weak- ened energy field around those who are afflicted. The reverse is also true: health can be accepted by the mind, and its healing effect restores the etheric first and then the physical. This is why affirmations, suggestion, and prayer are powerful aids in combating ill- nesses. The more faith and hope that can be instilled in the patient, the quicker the recovery. The stronger the life force, the further the etheric extends from the physical. The reason it is not seen on this dimension is because the molecules that compose it are much farther apart than those 36 The Fourth Dimension of the physical, which renders it invisible, though it is very real.

Anesthetics drive out the etheric body so the person is unaware of pain. The etheric body remains whole even if the physical has had an amputation. Amputees have attested that they are aware of their etheric counterpart when a limb is removed — they feel it as though it were still there The Rosicmcian Cosmo-Conception, Kirlian photography shows the etheric presence of such limbs, and parts of leaves that have been torn away.

This etheric body has its own set of sense organs, called chakras, which are the ve- hicles that attune us to the fourth dimension. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel, and the chakras appear to the seer as colored wheel-shaped objects. They are seven circular vortices, or force centers, which are connection points for the flow of energy from the Universe to our etheric counterpart, and then to us, supplying energy to our physical body. There are three groups of chakras: the lower physiological , middle personal , and higher spiritual The Chakras, a Monograph , The physiological energize the desires of the flesh.

Development of spiritual qualities activates the higher chakras. As a person grows spiritually, these chakras go into motion. They are like colored lotuses, with movement so slight as to be undetectable. But when activated, each petal opens as they vibrate. Through their unfolding comes the gift of seeing into the fourth dimension clairvoyance , hearing in the fourth dimension clairaudience , and a higher awareness. Sometimes children are born with their chakras open and they can see and hear equally well in both worlds.

They talk to and play with play- mates who are unseen by us, but are very real to them. When we understand the laws of vibration, we cannot help but realize the power we have in our thoughts. The ideas we entertain and create take form in the fourth-dimensional plane and will become realities here if we give them enough power. We give them that power when we think of them with such emotional intensity that it becomes ingrained in our soul. Another aspect of the fourth dimension is that of predictions. All through history people have wanted to know what the future has in store. Priests built high towers so that they could study the changing sky.

Astrology became a popular 37 The Secret Science of Numerology science, especially with regard to the forecasting of events. Today there are many seers who foresee that which takes place in the fourth dimen- sion before it is manifested here. They must be careful not to make judg- ments and predict a negative event as a fact, for ultimately it is man who makes a choice that can change a course of events.

Seers who do not make this distinction and foretell a negative event are as guilty of that event coming to pass as though it were planned and executed by them. On the other hand, if the belief in their word is great, they could prevent a foreseen disaster by warning others to be cautious. They have an understanding of how present trends can lead to future results. Man has a power of choice and can change probable outcomes by taking the right action. That is proved over and over again in movies where the power of an idea is magnified to a living reality. But less than one week after it ran on television, there was the first one in history.

He said he often regretted deeply having filmed this idea, for he created a terrible monster and he realized it when it was too late. Our thoughts — what we think about, read about, look at — are all fourth-dimensional, and all is initiated on that plane before it manifests on our third-dimensional physical plane.

This will be perfectly clear to the spiritual-minded, for the higher can understand the lower, but the lower cannot understand the higher. We are working with the power of creation. We are able to draw from Eternal Mind, where all ideas exist, by tuning in with our higher mind to the fourth dimension, and beyond. You have the power to love the world. Numbers never fail. Numbers are law. There is nothing made that does not have size, shape, and dimension. In other words, laws that are true to us on Earth are inevitably true in the Universe.

The spectroscope is an optical instrument that looks somewhat like a telescope. There is a prism in the middle. Light rays that enter are trans- formed into parallel rays, discrete colored lines that can be measured by their wavelengths and compared to known chemicals and elements.


Every element has its own pattern that never varies. The astronomers merely compare the picture presented with known elements on Earth: the below, and those that match up to a particular element will prove that element to be on that planet. Spectroscopic analysis shows that all elements known on Earth are found in the sun. So we see how it is true that as it is above, so it is below. To get to the true nature of elements, we find that they are composed of basic molecules of energy.

The ancients say this energy is made of God Himself: being the Creator of all there is, He had to create from the energy of His own ideas and the material of His own Being. Even though we cannot see these molecules of energy with the naked eye, they nevertheless exist. And each invisible force has its own set of vibrations, starting with low frequency domestic electricity that has 50 to 39 The Secret Science of Numerology 60 vibrations per second. As the vibratory rate increases, there are sound, radio, television, and radar waves, microwaves, infrared rays, X-rays, and gamma rays, all invisible around us but powerful when harnessed.

There are only two kinds of matter: negative electrons and positive protons , which are whirling bits of energy. The distance between them and their constant rate of vibration determine what form the matter takes: solids are close together and the rate is slow; liquids are further apart and move faster; and gases are the furthest apart and move the quickest. Wavelengths affect form, color, sound, heat, light, and substance. All vibrate, and vibration has three factors: size, rate of oscillation, and its relation to fixed time.

Sound is produced by the vibrations of a body and is audible if the frequency lies between 20 and 20, vibrations per second. Loudness depends on the extent to which the sounding body vibrates. Above this range the vibration is called ultrasonic, and below, subsonic. Light is a form of radiant energy transmitted in electromagnetic waves, which stimulate the organs of sight. Heat consists of the kinetic energy of the vibrational motion of mol- ecules. The more friction, the more heat. Friction and speed are the forces that form what appear to be different substances, yet there is only one substance.

Everything breathes, even inanimate objects like metal. Solid matter, in its last analysis, is merely energy in a certain state of motion. Color is simply a different rate of vibration in another octave. The color of an object depends upon the wavelength it reflects. Beyond the violet vibration the oscillation is so minute and rapid that it can interpen- etrate solids, so we cannot see any further colors The Finding of the Third Eye, The principles that govern music apply to the vibratory rate of colors, and the same ratio exists between colors of the spectrum as between notes of the musical scale.

It was Sir Isaac Newton, the English philosopher and mathematician , who first described the mathematical synchronicity of color with music. An American physician, Dr. Abrams, invented an instrument to measure all of the reactions to the human body and was able to assign a numerical value to each disease. He believed the remedy could also be figured out through numbers The Find- ing of the Third Eye, She shows how to construct an illness chart, and by using numerology, find the best medication.

All of these studies bring me to the conclusion that the source of all color, sound, and vibration is in the spiritual plane, not the physical. According to Professor Jagadish Chandra Bose of Calcutta, who wrote the book, Response in the Living and Non-Living, there is some degree of life in the smallest grain of sand. Each particle, whether you call it organic or inor- ganic, is life. His findings won him the highest scientific honors, for he proved that so-called inorganic matter responds to stimuli. He measured the reaction of different forms of life to different stimuli.

When compared, he found that reactions were exactly alike The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I noticed many years ago that something wonderful happened when our choir sang in school.

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In those days music was a required subject, so we had quite a variety of students singing with us. Some were the macho guys who could be pretty rough. But when they sang, their countenances changed and the feeling around them became more genteel. I noticed something else. The students who tended to be difficult to get along with or the ones who were mad at each other would, after singing together, become renewed. The anger was gone. In choir there was no intolerance or prejudice. We sang in harmony and we were as one harmonious chord, as people as well as musically. Music brought us together in a brotherly spirit.

The right music, more than anything else, has the power to heal wounds, uplift us from this physical plane to the spiritual one. The human nervous system is so attuned to sound that our response is immediate. Each person has a keynote. Max Heindel tells us in the Rosicmcian Cosmo-Conception that the medulla oblongata acts like a tuning fork when the right sympathetic tone is played. At that point it will vibrate along with the tone. The medulla oblongata is the hindmost and lowest part of the brain, narrowing down into the spinal cord.

It has a direct influence on breath- ing, for it controls the heartbeat. This explains why music has such influ- ence on us. Some music can soothe and heal, while music that is antagonistic to our own vibratory nature makes us tense, uneasy, and even angry or ill The Sacred Word and Its Creative Overtones, In music therapy, a person can be healed by soothing sounds of his own keynote, for the medulla oblongata will then vibrate in sympathy with the keynote and immediately get the heartbeat to normal and, like a relay station, the entire body will respond and adjust itself.

Our minds learn to adjust to different sounds but our bod- ies can not. Musical passages have an effect on our muscles. This rhythm tends to confuse the body and weaken the muscles. Among hundreds of persons tested by behavioral kinesiologist FDR. John Diamond, ninety percent registered an almost instantaneous loss of two-thirds of their muscle strength when they heard this beat. Interestingly, this often hap- pens even when the listener likes the music.

In the book, The Secret Life of Plants by Tompkins and Bird, an experiment is described in which plants, under controlled conditions, were tested in their reactions to different types of music. Beautiful music, both popular and classical, was beneficial to the plants. They grew toward the sound and tried to reach the speaker it came from.

Where there was no sound at all, the plants grew straight up. But where there was abrasive music, the plants tried to move away from the sound and then died. Loud, dissonant music that makes repeated frictional air waves, is carried to the stems of the plants and kills them The Sacred Word and Its Creative Over- tones, Every rate of vibration forms a different geometric figure.

Ernst Florens Friedrish Chladni , a German physicist who analyzed sound waves mathematically, proved that sound can shape matter into forms. By doing so, the sand took on differ- ent geometric shapes according to pitch vibration that made the sound patterns visible. No two were alike unless their rate of vibration was the same. Pictures have been taken of music with a device called a tonoscope where the vibrations make forms in a layer of fluid and are then photo- graphed.

Even a polygraph machine lie detector shows graphically the effect that music has. But centuries before these machines existed, Pythagoras knew that form came about through vibration; that the world came into being out of chaos by sound and the intervals produced by that sound. The vibrational field of sound, music, color, matter, our words, thoughts, and names, all show form. All are vibrations. All vibrations are measurable. To measure vibration, we need numbers. Numbers are the basis of it all. Numbers are the keys to all mysteries. According to Helen P. Blavatsky E. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe I t is impossible to trace the roots of numerology without becoming entwined in a fascinating web of the Kabbalah, the Hebrew alphabet, biblical writings, the ancient wisdoms, and the background of the most famous proponent of numbers, Pythagoras.

Here we find science inter- woven with myths and philosophies, for the subject is not easily under- stood without them. Instead, the prophetess of Apollo in- formed them that the wife was pregnant with a boy-child who was to be- come handsome and wise and would impart of his wisdom to enrich and elevate mankind. The child was born in Syria while his parents were there on a journey. He was named Pythagoras in honor of Pythasis, the oracle who foretold his birth. Pythagoras lived a long life, nearly years, and never looked aged but remained youthful, strong, and powerful.

As a young man Pythagoras left his native Samos, and for the next 30 years he traveled and studied with various masters in surrounding countries. Rabbis taught him the secret traditions of Moses that had led to the laws of Israel. In Egypt he was given instruction by the priests of Thebes in the mysteries of Isis, and studied there for 22 years.

Pythagoras learned all he could from the Greek philosophers. He was initiated into the Babylonian and Chaldean mysteries. It also teaches that there is life after death. In the Euphrates, Pythagoras learned the secret lore of the Chaldeans. He studied for several years in Hindustan with Brahman priests who were the only ones allowed to interpret the sacred Hindustani texts, the Vedas.

The Pythagorean School In B. This was the first university in history. Here, among esoteric lessons, the secrets of number vibration were revealed in personal discourse by Pythagoras to a select few; the discourse was so secret, it was never written. Later writers were very careful not to divulge the secrets openly, but followed a key statement with less impor- tant information that would divert the attention of all but the true seeker. It is a little-known fact that years later Jesus also established schools of mystery, five of them, one of which is in Palestine.

The secrets were the same as those Pythagoras taught. This was uncovered by Max Heindel, the prolific writer of many books on the wisdoms, and a member of the Brothers of the Rosy Cross. The information that has come down to us about the school of Pythagoras is by word of mouth from his stu- dents and from a few manuscripts that were preserved. We do know that his school followed very strict rules. His students never had personal contact with him until they passed several initiations and were in the higher grades.

Even then he wore a robe, dressed so that he was hardly seen. They say he was awesome. Children with a 7 Birth Path were readily taken into the school, since Pythagoras felt they were meant to learn the mysteries. But others who 50 Pythagoras B. They were taken to a secluded spot where they were left to concentrate on a given symbol, such as the triangle.

They were to write down all ideas that came to them and to tie those ideas in with all life. The next morning they would report their concepts to all the others in the school. Sometimes they would be ridiculed to see how they would handle them- selves and criticism. If the candidate was too sensitive it was felt he could not withstand the rigor of the disciplines of the school. After gaining entry, there was a requirement of five years of total silence.

It taught students to think well before speak- ing. Pythagoras said that quiet attention is the beginning of wisdom: It is better to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few The Secret Teachings of All Ages. In his lectures, Pythagoras stressed the value of wisdom above all else: you can continually give it away and still have more to spare.

It is what makes the difference between a real man and a beast. There are so few men who possess it that he compared it to sports: in the Olympiad there would be seven outstanding men in racing, but in contrast, there were only seven men in all the world who would excel in wisdom. It was not wise to show a temper. About anger he said: Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable.

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please. Academically, the students were given what Pythagoras considered the triangular foundation of all arts and sciences: occult mathematics, music, and astronomy. Astrology had origi- nated in Babylon in the fifth century B. The Sci- ence of Numbers was considered to be the origin of all things, and it was believed that greater knowledge of God could be gained by understanding numbers. Much of the Egyptian philosophy and religion that he studied for 22 years was built almost completely on the Science of Numbers.

In fact, all of nature was explained entirely by this principle. For example, a rubber ball and the moon have identical mathematical properties, both being circular. Yet they are physically very different. Nature was composed of groups of four such as the four geometrical elements — point, line, surface, and solid, and four material elements — Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Nature also supplied the clue to the law of contrasts: if there be light, then there is darkness; if cold, then heat; if height, then also depth; if solid, then fluid; hardness and softness; calm and tempest; prosperity and adversity; life and death. This proved the twofold activity of the one prin- ciple, the difference being only the degree of vibration — and vibration can be measured. The Pythagoreans considered the triangle to be the originator of every- thing on Earth since it is the first rectilinear figure bound by three straight lines , and it corresponds with the three attributes of the Deity, the Cre- ative Trinity.

Pythagoras taught that physical manifestation had to be preceded by mathematical conception — a builder cannot build unless he has a blueprint of measurements to go by. Nothing can exist without numbers. The mathematical world makes everything so obvious that some mem- bers of the school were put to death for revealing math secrets, secrets which are now printed in schoolbooks.

Music underwent a change when Pythagoras began his study of it. Until that time, Greeks made music on a seven-string lyre. This seemed limited to Pythagoras, so he invented a monochord, a wooden resonator to which a single string was attached, with a movable fret that caused the tone of the string to vary according to the vibrations set up by the length of the string used. With this instrument he was able to construct a scale with accurate intervals and thereby invented the seven-tone scale, as we know it today.

He heard the eighth note was identical to the first, only an octave higher in pitch, so he added an eighth string to the Greek lyre. This gave musicians much more variety by enabling them to play various modes of eight notes. Pythagoras found curative powers in music, color, and poetry. Cer- tain melodies had a therapeutic effect on certain diseases. He preferred the soft sounds of the lute or flute for they had the ability to keep a person in better mental balance.

His knowledge on the subject came from the great Babylonian astrologers of B. Astrology and astronomy remained one science until the f6th century. Pythagoras noted that the further from the Earth the other planets were, the faster they moved. He reasoned that since movement causes friction and friction causes sound, the planets must produce sounds in various tones: the faster they move, the higher the tone. He saw that their motion was related to the mathematical principles of the musical scale.

He concluded that planets sing as they turn in their orbits, creating the music of the spheres, which he is said to have heard. In the sixth and seventh centuries B. Pythagoras was upset by this practice and sought to put an end to it by perfecting a system using numbers. The system was based on secrets that originated from Orpheus, the patron of music, who represented the body of truth, the secret doctrine revealed through music.

Pythagoras also developed a wheel of letters with numbers and astro- logical signs on it that encircled a globe. However, divination was not the original intent for the use of numbers. Pythagoras was not the father of numerology as is so often stated, but it was Pythagoras who took numbers seriously enough to apply them to all teachings in his school.

Pythagoras married one of his followers, Theano, the daughter of Brontinus of Croton. They wed when he was 60 years old and together they had seven children. There are conflicting stories on the way he died, yet all agree that he was assassinated. They say he refused admittance to one man because of his bad manners. The man became so embittered that he returned with a gang of hoodlums and murderers who burned down the school and slew Pythagoras. His widow and remaining disciples did their best to continue his work but were persecuted for it.

Eventually the school was no more, but the students valued his teachings and his memory and preserved what manu- scripts they could. Masonry is identical to the ancient mysteries. The Freemasons had secret signs and passwords, and were interested in attaining spiritual knowledge that could only be learned from the arrangement of letters and combinations of numbers with their hidden meanings, which collectively are the key to understanding the mysteries Morals and Dogma, To their great credit, the Freemasons respect all religions, all peoples, and hold no prejudices.

They understand that man is here to learn and grow at his own pace through his own experience. It was men with these beliefs who framed our Constitu- tion and designed the Great Seal of the United States. The Eagle was the ancient symbol of spiritual vision and is meant to represent the people of The United States. The reverse seal with the eye in the triangle symbolizes the eye of God in His protective watch over our nation Our Great Seal, 41, It was not just exalted thinking; its base was scientific.

The very first alphabet was designed by the greatest spiritual and scientific minds of the day. Just as numbers were not only symbols of quantities, letters were not simply symbols of sounds. Both were designed to reveal deeper meanings to those initiated into the mysteries. Generally words were formed to embrace the attributes behind the words themselves. Manual labor is work done by hand. The English and Indo-European alphabets are derived from the Ro- man Latin , which we can trace back to the original Phoenician alphabet.

There were no vowels among the original 22 letters. Vowels were deemed too sacred to write, for they were the animating spirit of words, and the sound of them spoke the true and overwhelming name of God. Instead, vowels were assigned to the seven known planets.


The conso- nants that made up the alphabet were all composed of the flame-like glyph called Yod. And it does represent a flame as it is meant to be a spark of the Divine Light that makes up the body of God used for all His creation. Later on in history the meaning of the Yod degenerated from a flame of light direct from God to that of a phallic symbol representing mortal generation.

Other than that, the letters are very close to the same sequence as that of the original see Chart 1 on page Hebrew letters are read from right to left for a very special reason. God began creation by His own reflection. In a reflection right and left are reversed, as can be seen in a mirror.

It was important to the Hebrews to show this reversal. By writing right to left they were going toward their source of life, toward God. It is important to note that Aramaic was the spoken language of the people, while Hebrew was reserved for sacred writings because of its magical qualities. The letter name is the mystical name of a number, and every Hebrew word, when examined letter by letter, number by number, reveals a hid- den meaning, for their letters and numbers are completely interchange- able.

The entire Bible was composed of various combinations of those letter-numerals, giving important clues to the deeper meanings see Chart 2 on page Hebrew is a very difficult language to translate because the vowels are omitted, the words are not separated for clarity, and there is no past, present, and future verb tenses. Add that to the fact that the original writers of the Bible felt it was not wise to give out certain information to the unholy, and therefore used every trick they knew to conceal the mys- teries, and you can understand why translation of the Bible was such a major job.

An exact translation was made further impossible because the trans- lators lived under an act that authorized them to translate but forbade them from upsetting or deviating from established beliefs. In our translations only the names and numbers come to us untouched. But through the Science of Numbers, and methods known as Gematria, Temurah, and Notariqon, many secrets are unveiled. Gematria is the name given to a method of figuring hidden meanings from the geometric shapes of letters and from the numerical values of both words and phrases.

Nu- merology gives meanings from the vibrational traits of numbers. Temurah is the art of finding words within words and from anagrams, and Notariqon derives words from abbreviations and the initial letters of words. In many ancient civilizations 56 The Roots of Numerology people did not receive their own names until they developed their own personalities. This name was used only in secret. The system of choosing that spiritual name was based on astrology. Vowels were assigned to each planet and conso- nants to the degrees of the zodiac.

Numbers in the Bible have an astrological meaning as well. When 12 is used as a number of nations, it represents all the people born under the 12 signs of the zodiac, and therefore, the whole human race The Sacred Word and Its Creative Overtones, Saint John wrote the Apocalypse in such a way that only the Ini- tiates would understand its meaning. It was meant to confound the masses by being written hieroglyphically with numbers and images, in which great mysteries are concealed.

Let him who understands, calculate! Air: Element Breath, spirit. Height and Depth and the path between. Product of A and B: The Word. Riches and communication. The sound of H is the breath of life. Scepter: Victory in the right use of words. Fence: Self-imposed limitations. X Teth T Serpent: Wisdom.

Roof: The protection that wisdom gives. Flame: Light of understanding within us. Lamed L Ox-goad: A prod to express love and creativity. Tzaddic, in Hebrew, is a righteous master. Knot: Blending our consciousness with that of God. Mirth: Another great balancing power. Fire: Element The purifying force that completes creation. Divine Fire unites perfect love. The earliest Initiates believed that God taught these mysteries to the angels.

After the fall of man the angels gave the secrets to Adam so that he would have an understanding of his error and gain back what he had lost. This, combined with the basic geometric figures of circle, triangle, and square, are the basis of the Kabbalah; the figures that were used in designing the alphabet. The Kabbalah supplies the key to the spiritual truths of both the Old and New Testaments, a key which goes back long before Pythagoras to a dynasty of priest-kings originating on Atlantis, known as the Melchizedek.

The last of these priest-kings is said to have passed this knowledge on to Abraham, and then it went from one biblical patriarch to another — Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, and Solomon. Abraham was supposed to have brought these wisdoms to Egypt where the Egyptians gained knowledge of them.

Jesus was instructed in these mysteries about years after Pythagoras studied there. Hebrew theol- ogy was separated into three definite parts: The Law, which was taught to all Hebrew children; The Soul of the Law Mishna that was made known only to the teachers and rabbins; and the Qabbala, or Soul of the Soul of the Law. This was so secret it was revealed only to the highest Initiates and never written. It is said that it is these secrets that God disclosed to Moses on Mount Sinai after the Ten Commandments were divinely in- scribed and presented to him.

Briefly, all comes from naught: 0, the Cosmic Egg in which all num- bers are contained. God was known as Alpha and Omega: 1 and 0, the first and the last. They are also known as Sepharim and Elohim, and stand for the manifested Universe. All three words, Sephiroth, Sepharim, and Elohim, mean the same thing: numbers, letters, and sounds. These Sephiroth are depicted as 10 globes of light, each representing a number and each containing all numbers inside the 10 which is the cypher itself, thus: The large cypher divided in half is the 1 and the 0. In the Kabbalah these 10 globes of light are on a tree of the soul and are connected by 22 paths which are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each with its own individual esoteric meaning.

Over the years, the kabbalistic approach has influenced both Chris- tians and Jews. The very word implies secrecy, not something for the masses, and not to be spoken of lightly. There is a reason for this. It has been observed for thousands of years that as one begins to unfold the spiritual nature, the true nature comes to the forefront; and any repressed emotions, sensualism, or faults must be dealt with. This is so difficult that the majority will fail unless they are willing to fight every base tendency and win over it. If the inner person is wholesome and good, and not easily provoked to anger, the good is mag- nified.

So those who would seek such enlightenment must have a high level of consciousness Strictly Private E. Instructions, 5. Rabbi Simeon, who was known to have taught and written in that very cavern, wrote the book. But the book was be- lieved to have been originally written by Abraham.

Figure f on page 64 shows the double star of the Sepher Yetzirah with the letters in English rather than Hebrew, for clarification. In the double star, the center triangle contains the Holy Trinity, the Creative Principle. The middle star contains the seven double letters that symbolize ev- erything there is that life can be exposed to, good and bad.

Those seven, with the first three, are the Ten Sephiroth, or attributes of God. The outside star contains the 12 simple letters, which represent the signs of the zodiac. The spirit of God dwells in the center triangle, the Holy Temple that sustains all. From this center He created all there is by the three Sepharim: numbers, letters, and sounds, which are one and the same. They were called the Mother Letters because everything came from these basic elements.

First the Holy Spirit created A and from A sprang Air, and in this was formed the sound of the remaining 21 letters. The sounds that came from A, or the Air of His breath, were designed to be uttered in five different areas of the human mouth: 1. Gutterals: Throat. Palatals: Produced with the blade of the tongue near the hard palate, as the ch in child and the j in joy.

Linguals: Enunciated with the tongue, as in t, d, and 1. Dentals: Enunciated with the tongue against the teeth, as in t and d. Labials: Articulated by the lips, as in p, b, m, and w, or by rounded vowels, o, oo. Air is the base of balance between Fire and Water. The Holy Trinity. The Creative Principle. Those first three letters, or elements, are like a scale with virtues on one end and vices on the other, placed in balance by the tongue. He chose three consonants belonging to the first elements: I, H, and V, shaped them into a Great Name, and then fastened them with His spirit. This sealed the entire Universe in six directions: height, depth, east, west, south, and north.

They sym- bolize all the good and bad that humans encounter in life. Each letter is like a balance board with its God quality on one side and its opposite extreme on the other: 1. There are also seven each of heavens, earths, and sabbaths. These seven and the first three, making up the Ten Sephiroth, are His qualities and attributes. They are the 10 emanations of number, which have 10 unlimited traits or infinitudes: Unlimited beginning and unlimited end.

Unlimited height and unlimited depth. Unlimited east and unlimited west. Unlimited north and unlimited south. Over all is the One who rules them and His Word is always in them. These 12 letters correspond to 12 directions: north in height and depth and northwest; south in height and depth and southeast; west in height and depth and southwest; and east in height and depth and northeast. By these God fashioned the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 major organs in the human body.

By designating the weights, amounts, and groupings of the 22 letters, God made all things that have existence. He placed the letters around a spherical wall with doorways, or gates and then turned that globe forward and back- ward. Forward was good and backward was evil, as all things must have a 65 The Secret Science of Numerology front and back. So there were altogether methods to form ways for the powers of the letters to emerge.

Instead of a triangle within two stars, The Tree of the Sephiroth Tree of Life is a tree with 10 globes of light that is intended to symbolize the entire Universe, which is the body of God. It is sometimes depicted as three pillars with the globes Figures 2 and 3. The globes are the Sephiroth numbers and each represents distinct attributes of our Creator. Together they symbolize everything, which is contained in Heaven and Earth, and each contains a deep mystery The Pythagorean Triangle, The 10 globes are connected by 22 paths, which are the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Together they total 32 and are known as the 32 Paths of Wisdom. This is akin to the 32 degrees in Freemasonry. Early Kabbalists envisioned the very beginning of all things as a vacuum of pure spirit not limited by conditions of time or space. This negative existence of pure spirit filled the circular void of space, or auric egg, and was called Ain nothingness. This pure essence desired to express life and it moved toward the center of itself, producing a circle within the circle, which was without limit or boundary, and it was called Ain Sop or Ensoph.

It continued its movement to the center of its boundless, limitless circle where it became a dot that broke into light, Ain Soph Aur, meaning limitless light — three in one. This fills the whole circle of the Universe but makes its particular dwelling place in the very center where the point of light is at its brilliant Source, just as our own mind is our center en- circled by our body.

That dot, the dwelling place or throne of God, contained within it all creation that is to be and is called Kether the Crown, the omnipresent Divine Will, first emanation of the Tree of the Sephiroth. Being All, It was androgynous. There was no J in the Hebrew alphabet. They used I. Before the remaining Sephiroth could be created, there had to be an active force to produce the idea put forth by Wisdom, Intelligence, and Will.

This active force is the spoken word and it is called Daath. It is not a Sephira for it is not an attribute, but an invisible acting force. Yet some have called it the 11th Sephira. This is interesting because the force is the spoken word that sets the molecules awhirl into creation. And the Word Daath sets the creation into motion.

Initially, the idea of something being formed from a word sounds ri- diculous. But on further study it begins to make scientific sense. When a word is spoken it sets up a vibratory condition that allows it to be heard. Without vibration, all that is would cease to exist.

From the Creative Trinity the remaining seven Sephiroth were formed by action of the Word Daath and spewed forth in receptacles Yods. Each receptacle contains a Sephira number and its attributes. From these seven were named the seven planets, the seven notes of the musical scale, and the seven colors separated by a prism.

Each of the seven plan- ets was assigned a metal, a Greek vowel, a color, and a musical note. And so each of the 10 globes on the Tree has its own particular name which shows the qualities and attributes of the Creator. The number is the vibrational rate of those qualities. These are the ingredients for all creation. Creation, in order to take place, has been pictured as going through four Sephirotic Trees, each representing a world, or plane of existence. All emanates from the dot, the light in the center of Ain Soph Aur.

Atziluth: This is the sphere of perfection, of pure spirit where God manifests Himself first as archetypes — ideas born to become models for every part of creation that is to be. To become manifest they must be reflected to the sphere below. This all comes about from the union of God with His feminine counterpart known as the Shekinah.

The next three worlds are the result of this union. Briah: This is the creative world of pure intellect and unconscious mind. This tree is slightly dimmer than the first since it is a reflection. In this world reside the 10 great spirits archangels who aid in bring- ing about divine order and intelligence in the cosmos. Yetzirah: This is the creative world of formation; conscious mind; personality.

This tree of 10 globes is reflected from Briah. It is called the formative world, for here are seen the vibrational patterns behind matter, the fourth dimension. Assiah: This is where matter forms and the vibrational energy pat- terns behind it are no longer seen. This is the three-dimensional Uni- verse we see that includes the planets, the Earth, and our body.

In death only the physical body disappears and the true ray of light con- tinues on its journey back through the upper worlds to reunite with Ain Soph. The tree is a concept of eternal truths put into a form that we can relate to, and so much can be and is related to it. It represents the states of con- sciousness man experiences as he journeys in life through the Sephiroth and learns the lessons of each from the physical to the spiritual. We are told that for any creation to take place, it must go through these four planes: Atziluth Briah Yetzirah Assiah Spirit Mind Soul Body Idea Plant seed Incubation Birth 70 Introduction to the Mysteries This is why later Kabbalists perceived four Sephirotic Trees as light- ning energy that starts at the very top of the first and zigzags through its fO Sephira.

Its idea is planted in Briah as it zigzags through those 10 Sephira, and the zigzag continues on down through Yetzirah where the vibration attracts the molecules to its own keynote. Lastly it zigzags through Assiah where it has its birth in form The Qabalistic Tarot, Anywhere we see 40 in the Bible — it means completion. One interpretation is that they are one and the same; the Tree of Life being the original while the Tree of Knowl- edge of Good and Evil is its reflection on the waters The Bible and the Tarot, This is more clearly seen as The Three Pillars Figure 3.

The central column is the trunk while the right and left sides are its branches. The Sephirotic Tree is sometimes depicted as a giant cosmic man making up the entire Universe macrocosm. His image is of man on Earth microcosm. In this concept the lights, or globes of each of the Sephira, are related to the organs of the human body: Kether: Head. The pineal gland. Chochma and Binah: Right and left hemispheres of the great brain. Chesed and Geburah: Right and left arms. Netzach and Hod: Right and left legs, supports of the world.

Tiphereth: Solar plexus. Jesod: The generative system, or foundation of form. Malkuth: Two feet, or the base of being. As the body of man, the central pillar of Beauty, or trunk of the tree, is the spinal column with Tiphereth centered in the solar plexus area. One must obtain a sense of balance from that area in order to balance out the opposing forces in man. This refers not to natural union but to the abusive use of the creative power and wasting precious life essence on self-gratification. According to ancient cosmogyny, Adam and Eve were not individu- als, but representative of root races.

Now we can see the pattern of Creator to that which is created; from macrocosm to microcosm, all a reflection of the Creators thoughts at the time of conception. By analogy, the words we speak are our own cre- ations. By understanding it, the mysteries of the Universe were revealed to them. It was, in fact, invented by the ancient priests long be- fore man developed any true method of writing. There are four dots Yods across the bottom, along each side, and one in the The Pythagorean Tetractys center, 10 in all.

To them this was proof that all 10 powers of creation Sephira exist in the number 4. So 10 was the ideal number and represented the Universe. Pythagoras learned of this when he studied in Egypt in his youth. It became an important part of his teachings, and all his students are said to have been bound by an oath: I swear in the name of the Tetractys, which has been bestowed on our soul. The source and roots of the overflowing nature are contained in it. It sprang forth from a source of infinite light. That ray of light is shot directly from the Deity in the form of num- bers and letters, and a point of light remains in each one.

These are the cause of all that exists. The first three Yods represent the threefold white light which is the Godhead, containing potentially all sound and color, the unconscious universal mind — the Creative Principle of Will, Wisdom, and Activity. All things come from that light and all must return to it, Ain Soph Aur, where all things have their genesis. That light is the first form of intelligence The Secret Doctrine, Vol. Pythagoras said that every letter of the alphabet has its own rate of vibration and color. Everything from a grain of sand to a human being is vibrating at its own rate and around its own center, producing its own particular sound or keynote.

This means that everything, without excep- tion, is in a vibratory condition. The higher the rate of vibration, the more spirit force an object contains. He noted that planets moved in their orbits, proceeded to calculate their distance from each other, and thereby figured the keynote of the planet. Each one sounded a separate note on the musical scale. This can be shown by a tuning fork. When plucked, its vibration touches anything in the room of a sympathetic nature, and it too will begin to vibrate. Occultists believe that the Tetractys is the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A picture can tell a whole story without words. A logo design can hold so much mean- ing that many have become well-known symbols. That is what letters were originally meant to do. Letters were created as more than the tools to form written words. The shape of each one was carefully considered in order to convey the meaning behind the letter. You see, the shape of each one, based on the geometric figures of point, line, circle, triangle, and square, creates an en- ergy field with its lines of force. These influence their characteristics. Just meditate on each shape and you will sense the individual properties of these forms, i.

In order to create the world, God had to use the only substance in existence: Himself. So these building blocks are His attributes. Now here is the secret: the sound of each letter sets up a vibration that conforms to those attributes; the shape of each letter is designed to call them to mind; and their numbered place in the alphabet is their actual rate of vibration when thought or spoken. This gives them a scientific cohesiveness. Hebrew Kabbalists planned their letters and corresponding numbers to be interchangeable: A means one, B-two, G-three, and D-four, etc.

While each is a picture that gives something of face value, by understand- ing the symbolism an even deeper meaning is revealed. That alphabet was the model for hundreds of others, and though the letter sounds have come to us untouched, the symbols have changed to suit our needs. Yet amazingly, the attributes still apply, as we shall see when we analyze words.

Seen as a whole, letters tell of every possible life experience. The upper half is the mind, thought, spiritual plane; the lower half, the material, physical, Earth plane. This may bring out the double strength of the letter. A letter that becomes a different letter when inverted is considered to be dual.

For example, M has feet firmly planted on the ground, so M is well-organized and stable. But inverted, it is W, reaching up for spiritual help in times of emotional upheaval A Guide to Cosmic Numbers, The events of your lifetime are recorded in the letters of your name. Each name works separately, and the full name works as a unit.

Each experience is drawn from the positive or negative aspects of the letters and their corresponding numbers.

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  • numerology -a sacred science!
  • They are influences in our lives and we are the ones who ultimately choose our destinies by the way we handle each experience. Numerologists from all over agreed with the findings of this Institute. Satisfied with their conclusions, the Institute closed af- ter 25 years of research. Regarding the spelling of names, two may sound the same though they are spelled differently, for example, Sean and Shawn. The letters are as important as the sound, for each time we speak a name we subcon- sciously see the letters, and their numbers make a mathematical state- ment of vibration.

    The first letter of your name tells your nature, your initial reaction to things, and the way you approach situations. Likewise, the first letter of words tells us the nature of the word, sometimes even by the shape alone: Mountain: The M has peaks and crevices. Valley: The hills on both sides of the V form the valley. Hills: The H is a ladder. Hills are easier to climb than mountains with their steep sides.

    Sudden: The S makes an abrupt change in direction. Tree: The T has a central trunk and outstretched branches. When we study the meanings of each letter, we see where this holds true for all words. But most important of all is your name. Those particu- lar letters are the divine gifts bestowed on you at birth, and you can choose to live up to their full positive potential. It has been observed that numerology works as well with the Chaldean alphabet as with the English. It works in any of the Indo-European alpha- bets where the letter and number are interchangeable.

    Though the letters in these alphabets are different, they are set to their own rate of vibration. Numbers are a universal language. Its sound was necessary to breathe out the other letters, for it is the breath of God. It is the Element of Air and is called a Mother Letter because it is one of the basic elements of creation.

    The constellation becomes visible at the spring of each year, the time when the Earth grows warm in temperate climates and flowers spring up to herald the start of a new season of growth. The oxhead itself is the shape of the uterus, the horns being the fallopian tubes — all signifying physical reproduction.

    Aleph is the breath of life in every man. Adam did not become a living soul until God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life Genesis Here we learn when life as a human really begins — not at conception, for that is when the physical body has just begun to be formed. Until the moment of birth the soul hovers near the mother, attached to the fetus by the silver cord.