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At the end of the book, there is a wonderful section called the field notes. This explains in detail about each insect featured in the book and where they are found. The best part of this section is entitled "Fantastic Facts," where children can read an unusual and interesting detail about each insect. This delightful book would be a great way to introduce a unit on invertebrates insects to young learners.

This title, the fourth collaboration between this author and this illustrator on the theme of environmental awareness, tells of the exploration by a little girl of the wetland area surrounding one cattail. Wetland wildlife of all sorts is encountered in her exploration, and the interdependence of each species is shown through the beautiful watercolor illustrations as well as in the cumulative format of the text.

A very creative hybrid of fiction and nonfiction, this book combines the compelling features of rhyme and narrative to add interest to enormous amounts of information about wetlands. An illustrated glossary and an extensive list of additional resources about wetlands will make this book useful to teachers at all elementary levels. Integration of the curricular areas of science, social studies and language arts in the classroom will be an easy and enjoyable task using this book. A whole community of creatures lives there! This salty, splashy habitat is unique and colorful.

Vivid close-up art and amusing text make this both fun and educational for children. After reading this book, children will peer into tidepools with new eyes. John " Denver's gentle lullaby comes to life in Canyon's gorgeous paintings. It tells of a baby dolphin, which, in much the same way as a human baby, learns of many dolphin ways while it's still in its mother's uterus. When it's born, it leaps about, tasting the air and racing the seagulls.

Denver's hope was that this dolphin baby would teach humans the song of the dolphins and tell them how to share the earth in harmony. Canyon's work richly paints a portrait of the dolphin's watery world, with stippled effects that evoke the sun shining through the water and the foam on the crest of a wave. Youngsters will even gain a better understanding of dolphin birth A better-than-usual effort in the trend of song illustration.

Ages 2 to adult. A delightfully fun read-aloud, look-and-find book. Ages 2 to 8. The charming story presents the adventures of a young girl enjoying the outside world and the thrill of life. A rapturous experience meant to be shared between young and old, John Denver's Sunshine On My Shoulders is an inventive and charming tribute to a fondly memorable tune. Ages 2 to 9. If you have suggestions or objectives reviews to share, please click here to share them. This outstanding book is filled with very important information that everyone 14 years old and up would greatly benefit from reading.

Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines gives an overview of many of the environmental challenges and empowers the readers to discern the manipulated information that they are bombarded with.

Bugs, Birds and Animals

This book is one very important tool for this effort. The book is filled with valuable information and great resources. One of my favorite things about this book is that it helps teens and readers of all ages gain an understanding about vested interests. It is incredibly important that people learn to use discernment in deciphering the headlines and information being disseminated to sell ideas and products. Click here to continue reading this review. Ages 14 and up.

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If you know of a great book that you think should be listed here, please send a summary of the book and any other relevant information via E-MAIL or mail to Children of the Earth United - P. If possible, use the format of the above book reviews. Book recommendations by adults AND children are gratefully received.

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You can help us raise money by clicking this link before you buy Amazon. There is no cost to yo u and the price you pay is exactly the same. Comments, Feedback, Questions? Children of the Earth United is a c 3 non profit organization - run by volunteers and entirely supported by donations. Copyright - Children of the Earth United. All Rights Reserved. Retrieved October 3, International Texas Longhorn Association. Archived from the original on May 11, Retrieved June 23, September 12, Archived from the original PDF on June 25, The Biology of Animal Stress.

Retrieved January 28, Adams Media Corp. Of course, dogs sweat. You would, too, if you had to wear a fur coat in hot weather. Dogs excrete moisture through the pads on their paws. Archived from the original on The New York Times. Live Science. Retrieved 28 January That Could Save Their Lives". New Scientist. Retrieved November 11, August 19, Retrieved August 29, November Retrieved January 7, Wolves do not howl at the moon".

Retrieved 25 September Accessed 15 September Routledge Dictionaries. Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.

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Retrieved 29 June In the beginning: the story of the King James Bible and how it changed a nation, a language and a culture. Fast Company Issue October Australia: ABC. February 22, ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research. International Shark Attack File.

International Music & Culture

Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Cancer Research. Caste and ecology in the social insects. Princeton University Press, Princeton.

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A Natural History of the Planet. Silvey Journal of Comparative Physiology A. Jane watched animals. Her ability to quietly observe allowed her to learn about animals up close A Siberian tiger cub born at the Denver Zoo is orphaned when he is just a few weeks old. Grassland ecosystems can be found on nearly every continent. Countless animals and plants live When 13 well-known illustrators are asked about their favorite animal, the results are as varied Stunning photographs combine with a clear text to show how early use of Yellowstone, changed it A conversational tone and flaps to lift on each double page look at different biomes are sure to Won Ton the cat is back with a new arrival: a puppy!

How the adult cat and small dog get on — or Why be afraid of the dark when there is so much to see? Short poems haiku were written in response to but also evoke creatures shown in crisp close-up A poem about the well-known Great White begins this handsomely illustrated collection of poems Build on what you're learning together through books with these family-friendly activities, experiments, and crafts.

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Give kids a chance to flex their writing muscles all summer long. Try one of these prompts, selected from our writing contest archives and other literacy organizations. Simple activities for parents and kids to do together to build reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Read online or print the PDF. Learning about wolves. Mathew Cordell shares how researching A Wolf in Snow changed everything he thought he knew about wolves and, in turn, led him to examine the part that fear plays in built-in expectations.

Swimming with pink dolphins. Sy Montgomery Kakapo Rescue has had incredible adventures as a nature writer, including swimming with dolphins, hiking the Cloud Forest of Papua New Guinea, and riding camels in the Gobi desert. Skip to main content. Children's books and activities Bugs, Birds and Animals Do you know any kids who are fascinated by bugs, birds, snakes, and other animals?

Age Level: years old Print List. Animal Dads By: Sneed Collard Age Level: years old Lush collage illustration and clear text share information about male animals and how they care Ants By: Mari Schuh Age Level: years old Clear photographs in a colorful format combine with brief information to provide an introduction to Morris Age Level: years old Once there was a river flowing through a forest.

The river didn't know it was capable of Beetle Bop By: Denise Fleming Age Level: years old Beetles come in many shapes and sizes — revealed in rhyming text and luminous illustrations Playful illustrations and text Can You See Me? Crustacean Vacation By: Brian Benoit Age Level: years old Humans are sure to see themselves in the beach vacation taken by a crab family.

From playing in the Babies — Daytime Nighttime By: William Low Age Level: years old Richly hued, lush, realistic illustrations answer the question of what a child might see during The worm, of course! For the first time ever, Fabulous Frogs By: Martin Jenkins Age Level: years old Endpages show swimming tadpoles; turn the page and the progression from tadpole to frog appears Fleabag By: Helen Stephens Age Level: years old A dog with no name and no home meets a boy with a ball but no dog.

Boy and dog play in the park Flight of the Honey Bee By: Raymond Huber Age Level: years old Follow the flight of a honey bee as she searches for nectar to sustain her hive and, along the Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? By: Rita Gray Age Level: years old As two children take a walk, they observe and listen to the call of familiar birds — a mourning Have You Seen My Duckling?

By: Nancy Tafuri Age Level: years old An anxious mother duck leads her brood around the pond as she searches for one missing duckling Here Come the Humpbacks! I Spy in the Sky By: Edward Gibbs Age Level: years old Die-cuts let readers 'spy' a portion of an animal while text provides clues as to what it might Inch by Inch By: Leo Lionni Age Level: years old A small inch worm "green as an emerald" avoids being eating by a hungry robin using his wit By: Lola Schaefer Age Level: years old A dot of "dirt and everything in it " is a meal for the earthworm seen in a stylized, double Let's Get a Pup!

Horrible Harry at Halloween by Suzy Kline

Mallard was sure that the pond in the Boston Public Gardens would be a perfect place for Brief verses introduce different birds and how their nest is Photographs chronicle her life with mother Here they are introduced in the cadence Sounds of the Wild: Bugs By: Maurice Pledger Age Level: years old With delightful sounds and pop-up panoramas, this book lets kids hear the hum of bees, the ticking From exotic to Suryia Swims! Swamp Chomp By: Lola Schaefer Age Level: years old As swamp residents move, water ripples and the creatures munch, gulp, swallow and more.

The Butterfly Garden By: Laura Weston Age Level: years old The life cycle of a monarch butterfly begins with an egg and a feast by caterpillars; each The Honey Makers By: Gail Gibbons Age Level: years old Thousands of bees visited more than a million flowers to gather the nectar that went into that one Information about This alphabet book helps children Waiting for Wings By: Lois Ehlert Age Level: years old Every spring, butterflies emerge and dazzle the world with their vibrant beauty. But where do On successive Who Has These Feet?