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  1. Busted Is Back: The British Boy Band on 'Nineties' Nostalgia & Growing Up
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Busted in isn't actually that different from when we started out. We haven't really changed that much. We've grown up, sure, but we still have a lot of fun. We wanted to do both photos and video with him as it's important to have a consistent theme to make the most impact. In terms of the video specifically, we think pop music in general seems to take itself quite seriously at the moment, and we wanted to subvert that. We loved videos that bands like Foo Fighters and Blink used to make that had a really light-hearted nature, and we literally sat in a room together talking about all our favorite TV shows for hours.

Rankin is a creative genius, but he also has an incredible team around him that put everything together — the sets, the lighting, etc. His team is like an extension of his brain, it's amazing to watch.

Busted Is Back: The British Boy Band on 'Nineties' Nostalgia & Growing Up

Billboard caught up with Rankin to inquire about his opinion on the band. It was part of a huge charity project with Comic Relief to raise money for Sudan's troubled Darfur region.

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In , Busted were really at the peak of their fame, dominating the pop-rock music scene in the U. They were young but didn't take themselves too seriously. The whole shoot was a really good laugh. It was my favorite two days on set for ages. It was going really well, then at the end of the day I was inspired. I've been playing around with the box concept for a few years now.

Billboard biz

Shooting people in these white boxes, it's such a great way to really explore people's personalities. Without a set or props to play around with, the subject really has to bring everything to the images.

As for the band's '90s nostalgia, Simpson says there's good reason to miss the decade. In the U. Good times! We wanted to capture that spirit in the song.

Busted! | Netflix Official Site

Rankin also feels nostalgic for the decade. It feels so recent to me but it's definitely enough time to feel nostalgic about something. Hailing from Essex, Busted was formed in by longtime friends Matt Willis vocals, guitars, keyboards and James Bourne vocals, bass. After some lineup changes, Suffolk-born Charlie Simpson vocals, guitars, drums joined and the band was solidified. In , they debuted with the playful, eponymously titled Busted, an album that found the trio straddling the line between cheeky blink -style punk and melodic, guitar-based songcraft.

Initially slow to start, the album eventually reached number two on the U. On the heels of their breakout success, Busted released their sophomore album, 's A Present for Everyone, which showcased a slightly nervier rock sound accented by keyboards and horns. The band then capped off with a headlining tour, documented on Live: A Ticket for Everyone.

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In , Simpson left the group, choosing instead to focus his attentions on his post-hardcore band Fightstar and, later, his own folky solo career. Subsequently, Bourne and Willis also set Busted aside and spent the next several years pursuing their own solo projects. Encouraged by the positive fan response, the duo approached Simpson about a possible full Busted reunion.

Busted (band)

Despite some initial reticence, Simpson jumped back on board and the rejuvenated Busted decamped to Philadelphia, where they began collaborating on new material. Since their breakup, Busted had matured and deepened their shared musical influences, a transformation that found them communing over classic '80s adult contemporary recordings from Bruce Hornsby and Phil Collins , as well as modern electronic productions by Daft Punk and the Naked and Famous.

Released in , Night Driver showcased a set of hooky, neon-lit anthems that found the group exploring a sophisticated blend of club-ready '80s-style disco-funk, synth-laden new wave, and bass-heavy alt-pop.