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Marshals were tasked with tracking down him down. Marshal Brad Fleming told the Associated Press in the midst of the pursuit. Once the most successful treasure hunter in the world, Tommy Thompson was now the one being hunted. I n late summer , a handyman named James Kennedy walked up to the porch of Gracewood, a large home in Vero Beach, Florida. Kennedy took out his cell phone and pretended to call the landlord. I picked up my cell phone and I said it real loud.

He had been a handyman for decades, but even he was taken aback by what he found inside. Thompson had been renting Gracewood since , a home away from the hassles in Columbus, and the mansion had become their home base when they fled Ohio two months earlier. As renters, Thompson and Antekeier had always been friendly but maintained their distance, Brinkerhoff said. He searched for Thompson on the internet and learned that the tenants were wanted by U.

Kennedy himself had once found a mammoth bone and was similarly besieged with people trying to take advantage of his find. The U. Marshals erected a wanted billboard as they worked to track down Tommy Thompson and Alison Antekeier. Photo courtesy U. Marshals Service. So he called the Marshals. But by that point, Thompson and Antekeier had long since fled Gracewood, and law enforcement was once again unable to determine where they went.

What to do when your house makes cracking sounds - The Boston Globe

Marshal Brad Fleming said in an interview. Based on material found in the Pennwood cabin, the Marshals were alerted to the Hilton Boca Raton Suites, a banal upscale setting where the pair of fugitives had remained hidden since May 30, Marshals prepared to descend on the hotel. Thompson was a brilliant mind and incredible strategist, but he was not suited for life on the run.

One of the last times anyone had seen him, it was a worrisome sight: Thompson was in the backyard of a house he was renting, yelling into his phone in his underwear. Think more along the lines of Dilbert in charge of the operation. But what had to be one of the most intense disappointments in the saga, for Thompson, was the fact that the excavation of the Central America would carry on without him. Kane in turn contracted a company called Odyssey Marine Exploration to finish the recovery of the Central America.

The goal was to bring the rest of the gold to the surface and ensure that the investors got paid. Thompson has significant holdings in the U. If there are dollars that he is hiding, I want every penny of it. The renewed excavation launched in April , with U. Marshals putting a wanted poster of Thompson aboard the ship in case he attempted to rejoin the mission. The operation was quite successful, bringing up more than 45 gold bars, 15, coins, and hundreds of artifacts over the course of numerous dives, including a pair of glasses, a pistol, and a safe filled with packages.

The sale of the gold was once again undertaken by the California Gold Marketing Group. O n January 27, , Thompson, then 62, was pale and sickly as he sat in his room in the Hilton Suites in Boca Raton, his body racked with the paranoid tics of a man on the run. She took almost comically cinematic precautions when appearing in public, wearing big floppy hats and taking a succession of buses and taxis to lose anyone who might be on her tail.

The hunt was led by an intimidating and extremely direct U. Marshal named Mike Stroh. He had been involved in manhunts all over the country, but the mission to find Thompson had special resonance with him as a professional person-finder. After seven hours of following her, Marshals crashed their way into the hotel and surprised the two, screaming at them not to move.

The Marshals would ultimately cart away 75 boxes of evidence from the room, but they came up empty-handed in one aspect of their quest. Investigators found boxes in the Gracewood mansion that looked a lot like those that had held the restrike coins, but the gold itself was nowhere to be found. Thompson tried to fight the extradition. Marshal Brad Fleming said Thompson was chatty as they made the journey back, perhaps relieved that he no longer had to hide. Both pleaded guilty to criminal contempt. T he capture of Tommy Thompson made for a fairly pedestrian end to a story that had captivated Columbus for years.

Other associates were wistful about the turn of events. But the notion that not even a brilliant mind could resist running off with gold was too salacious not to report, and the allegations of thievery became the dominant narrative. It was an unfortunate bookend to the legacy of someone who had long maintained that the historical and scientific aspects of the recovery were the most important point of the mission. Gold ingots, pokes, dust and nuggets, all part of the exhibition showing the recovered treasure from the S.

Central America Photos courtesy Donn Pearlman. Indeed, the non-gold accomplishments of the Central America mission are impressive and resounding. Michael Vecchione, a zoologist with the Smithsonian who briefly worked with the expedition, said the jerry-rigged technology of the Nemo is now standard practice for deep-ocean explorations.

The mission took thousands of hours of video, giving scientists an unprecedented look at deep-sea life and revealing new species and their evolutionary adaptations, he said. Deep-sea sponges were retrieved and studied for their antitumor properties. And the way in which they physically nabbed the gold was incredible in its own right: The robotic arms of the submersible gingerly placed a frame around a pile of coins and injected it with silicone, which, when solidified, made for a block full of gold that could be stored until it was ready to be brought to the surface.

Controlling all of this were systems less powerful than those contained in the average smart phone, Bob Evans said. The coins and other gold items recovered from the Odyssey Marine—led excavation debuted in a public exhibit in Los Angeles in February to record-setting attendance, and they were next seen in May at an NRA convention in Dallas. After administrative costs, court costs and creditor claims, there would theoretically be a distribution to the investors in Recovery Limited Partnership — the first time they would ever see a dime, 33 years after the initial investment for some.

The prison, an imposing but generic detention facility surrounded by razor wire, is about three hours from Columbus, and it is the place Thompson has called home for more than four years. It appears to be his home for the foreseeable future, as Thompson is serving an indefinite sentence in federal prison for civil contempt for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of the coins. It has been hard to deduce his motivations, even for those who know him well.

His intense concentration and extreme focus found the Central America , and the same focus applied to trying to find an answer to his current predicament is taken as unwillingness to play ball. Only two of the hundreds of investors in the mission have sued Thompson because they knew it was a gamble to begin with, she said. Moreover, as Bob Evans explained, the actual value of the gold was highly speculative in the first place. The inventory has been published. There is no other gold that has been recovered.

Perhaps the math is not simple, but it is not beyond the talents of the most elementary minds, or at least the reasonably educated. But according to Quintin Lindsmith, attorney for the Dispatch Printing Company, recouping the supposedly missing returns is not the point. Thirty years and two months after the treasure was found, Thompson was driven the long three hours from Milan, Michigan, to Columbus, Ohio, to stand trial and answer questions many people had been waiting a long time to ask.

The missing defendant suggested a repeat of previous events. Had he somehow fled? Thompson, in a navy sport coat and light-colored plaid shirt, was momentarily nonplussed, and his eyes, behind his black, thick-framed glasses, registered a small amount of surprise. Most damning, however, was alleged evidence that he had stashed gold at the bottom of the sea, presumably to be retrieved later on: When the receivership went back down to the Central America in , they found coins and gold bars that had been neatly laid out on trays.

Thompson also admitted that he had made off with the gold coins as a form of remuneration he felt he was due. In her testimony, Alison Antekeier said that between and she moved them from California to a safe-deposit box in in Jacksonville, and then to a storage facility in Fort Lauderdale, where she gave them, in a handful of suitcases, to a man who was supposed to transfer them to an irrevocable trust in Belize. This was the point Thompson was trying to make all along. As his attorney Keith Golden explained, an irrevocable trust means that once the trust is set up, the person who opened it cannot access it without the permission of the named beneficiaries.

Who was supposedly named as beneficiaries on the trust is unclear. The ruling was later overturned on appeal. Finally, after weeks of testimony, the attorneys made their closing arguments and the jury reached its verdict. Thompson sat in his wheelchair, legs shackled, as the official paperwork was handed from the foreman to the bailiff to the judge.

After the decades of science, discovery, stress and flight, it all came down to this. In the matter of the civil case against, it was determined that defendant Thomas G. Thompson sat expressionless while everyone else gasped. However, the jury declined to award any punitive damages or court fees, indicating that there was no evidence that Thompson acted with malice. Either way, Lindsmith said the victory is once again about the principle.

Like the cost of the litigation itself, the financial cost is immaterial to the larger point. The receivership is fielding offers for a multitude of items from the Central America and the recovery missions. Available for sale are bits and pieces of scientific and historical ephemera , including silicone molds with gold coin impressions, and even the Nemo , the remote underwater vehicle that was the first human contact with the Central America since They have tickets from the passengers.

Gold bars and coins at the shipwreck site in Golden adds that the relentless litigation torpedoed an opportunity that would have made the Central America recovery look like chump change. Thompson was working with the Colombian government in the mids to recover an old galleon whose estimated value is legitimately a few billion dollars. The next steps for Thompson in the case brought by Dispatch Printing include an appeal of the judgment, with the hopes that the award will be diminished or overturned.

Separately, Thompson has filed an appeal in federal court to be let out of prison. Thompson is currently awaiting the ruling of a three-judge panel about whether or not his is valid. What little time he has to use the phone is spent speaking with lawyers, business partners, and his family; ditto for the days he can have visitors. And after decades of developing new technology, going after hidden gold, and having to fight in court, Thompson is used to secrecy and has no reason to talk about the case to anyone. Alison Antekeier still lives in Columbus, keeps a low profile, and is still reportedly very sympathetic to Thompson.

Numerous attempts to contact her went unanswered. In Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea , Gary Kinder includes chilling survivor accounts of the Central America disaster, including men and women screaming maniacally as they dumped out purses and emptied hidden pockets of gold as the ship sank. The vacated wealth was something they otherwise would have killed to protect.

It was mania wrought by the plague of gold, a crippling infirmity that afflicts humans alone. These Syrian children survived attacks that left them burned beyond belief. One program thousands of miles from home is offering them life-changing treatment. W inter was on its way in northwestern Syria when Hana Al Saloom awoke around 6 a. There was a chill in the air. Her 5-year-old daughter, Aysha, was asleep near a gas heater, as her brothers and sisters slept in other rooms.

Hana blinked. The blast knocked her down. Then screams. She swiveled on her knees. She looked around. Everything was on fire.

Hooking into GIANT FLUKE!! ** Long Island Sound **

It was as if her house had exploded. The impact must have caused the gas heater to blow up too.

Treasure Trails/Guide/Cryptic clues

The flames spread fast. Hana raced outside with her older children. He had reached into the flames to pull her out. His legs and hands were seared. But Aysha was injured the worst. Neighbors rushed to put out the fire on her body — and all around them. Her skin was smoldering. A neighbor rushed Aysha and her dad to a hospital.

Her wavy hair dances around her bright eyes. There she is in a white blouse. There she is in a purple plaid dress. There she is with pigtails, sitting on a swing, wearing a white, blue and red polka-dotted tutu. Aysha Al Saloom, 8, at the apartment in Irvine, California, where she lives with her mother. Aysha will spend several years here while she undergoes surgeries for her burn wounds. Her mouth hung open, her eyes slightly cracked, her neck as reddish-pink as a bloody raw steak. Her face looked as if someone had slathered it with a mud mask.

Pasty in some places, blackened in others. But her skin, Hana says, was still there, even if it had turned a different shade. Badly hurt and on the brink of death, that is how Hana remembered her daughter on the day she was burned. After Aysha was whisked away to Turkey for medical care on the day of the accident, an uncle who accompanied her sent a photo of her face wrapped in white bandages. Instead, the uncle would call regularly with updates from Turkey. She was going to be OK. Doctors focused on her lungs especially, which were damaged from the smoke. Hana prayed and cried, waiting for Aysha to be well enough to come home.

Finally, that day came. Hana waited, and when she saw the car coming down the road, she ran out of her house in time to see her little girl step out. She remembers that Aysha wore jeans and a red and white striped dress. Her hair had been shaved off. But it was her face that shocked Hana the most. She did not know that the burned layer of skin had fallen away in sheaths, and that the new skin that replaced it was a combination of grafts, recent growth and irregular-shaped scars.

Aysha did not look like the little girl her mother remembered, but Hana had no doubt she was her daughter. She grabbed Aysha and carried her inside of the house. She sat down, weeping. Hana recalls how Aysha was welcomed back to parts of the community, but the children who used to play with her refused. In May , they boarded a plane and arrived in California. For the last 10 months, Aysha has lived in Southern California, traveling with a chaperone several days a week — an hour each way from an apartment in Irvine — to the hospital in Pasadena for checkups and surgeries, all to treat the burns and scars that run across her arms, chest, neck and face.

She is one of six Syrian children who have come to the U. Given the immigration hurdles and expenses for travel, living and medical care, it would be almost impossible for most Syrian families to travel to the U. She has been active in humanitarian projects since the war in Syria began. State Department has remained supportive of temporary visas to bring burned Syrian children and their families to the U. The boys are all being treated for their burns at the nearby Shriners Hospitals for Children. All four children and their families live together in one apartment in Galveston.

Twenty-five more burned Syrian children are currently on waiting lists to come to the U. Currently they do not have enough funding to bring all of the children who need help. There have been half a million deaths and at least two million injuries since the start of the Syrian Civil War in , and the young Syrian patients who show up at Shriners come with gnarled hands, missing eyes and knotty scars, as well as obstructed breathing, hearing and vision. Some can barely swallow.

Their injuries are the direct result of air strikes and, in some cases, chemical weapons attacks.

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A longtime Syrian-American activist within the Arab-American community, Moujtahed worked on developing the partnership with Shriners as well as getting support from politicians. Those who survive their burns have a really tough, heavy pain, not only from their burns, but also psychologically. Norbury recalls the injuries of one Syrian boy he treated recently. It looked like he was balancing a baseball on the back of his hand.

But she still has more surgeries to go. When Aysha is not in the hospital, she plays alone, or studies with a year-old Syrian girl, Hamama, who is also receiving treatment at Shriners and lives with Aysha and her mom in the Irvine apartment. Hamama lost her parents, along with key parts of her memory, when her village was attacked. She cannot recall her past, the accident, or even her family members who died. Hamama Almansoor, 17, in the Irvine, California, apartment where she lives while being treated at Shriners Hospital for Children.

They occasionally go to the shopping mall, or out to eat. Aysha collects dolls, watches Disney cartoons, and loves Skittles. But mostly she longs to attend school in a building outside with other children, even if they stare or laugh at her. It is too risky. Doctors have prohibited her from attending school outside because they worry the sun and environment could harm her already fragile skin and nervous system.

Hana homeschools Aysha, who tries to stay in good spirits, even though she wishes she had other kids her age to play with. When she does go outside for brief periods, she worries about what people think of her.

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  6. Once, Aysha spotted a woman pushing a stroller. She noticed a toy fall from the stroller to the ground. Aysha thought of picking up the toy to give to the baby. Aysha shows a photo of herself from before she was injured in a missile attack. On the television, a shark tries to catch a dolphin. Hana wears a gray head scarf and a red trench coat, which she has buttoned. She gives Aysha rosewater. She is often so focused on her daughter, she forgets about herself.

    Hana left five other children behind in Syria. Though Hana and Aysha video chat with their family members back in Turkey and Syria regularly, they know that they will likely not see them again for at least another two years. That is how long the doctors expect it to take to complete the needed surgeries. Abdullah and Anwar on the merry-go-round at the local theme park in Galveston.

    A doctor examines Abdullah, while his mother looks on, at the Shriners Hospitals for Children. W hen Aysha was a baby, her family resided in the close-knit village of Heesh, where she and her husband lived off the land, raising animals and growing their own food. They made cheese and traded it for other products. Their agrarian life was peaceful, Hana says, until the military came in and ordered everyone in the village to leave. Heesh would become a bloody battleground as opposition fighters and Assad-regime forces clashed — artillery, rockets and mortars dropping over the hamlet, driving out residents and killing those left behind.

    Hana remembers gripping Aysha in her arms, carrying a bag of just a few clothing items, and making the two-week trek from Heesh to the border of Turkey on foot, with her husband and six kids. If we make it out alive, we are alive. They spent four years in the camps. Aysha learned to crawl, and walk, between the tents. Since their entire village and extended family members had relocated there too, Aysha knew many people.

    She would spend her days going from canopy to canopy, hiding and hunting for food. You keep her! The family eventually learned that the fighting had subsided and they could return to Heesh, but when they made the long journey back to the village, they found a heap of rubble, broken glass, burned toys, cracked concrete, dust, dirt and crumbled storefronts. The ceiling had collapsed. The living room was a hill of rocks. Like the rest of the village, they rebuilt their home, one concrete slab after another. Less than a year later, it was not fully intact, but they had repaired it enough to live within its walls again.

    The doctor begins to make marks on her ears with a marker. Doctors know the patients may never look the same as before, but they hope to help them live a more normal life by improving their burn injuries and deformities step by step, until they look and feel closer to the kids they are inside. The ones who skip down halls, sing YouTube songs, and grab for toys like other kids their age — without fear of frightening others.

    At 10 a. Hama tells Aysha to open her mouth. The syringe is filled to the tip with the bright pink liquid. Aysha breathes deeply, gathering the courage to drink it down. She drinks it down with a grimace and wipes her lips. Minutes later, Aysha is groggy. Her mom leans in close. With a stoic philosophy, dry humor, and the help of loyal friends, Franklin navigates a minefield of choices between expediency and morality.

    In the fiery climax he confronts his biggest ethical dilemma. Someone he loves is a murderer, and he must decide between loyalty and integrity. Any way he chooses, he loses. Set in a picturesque village beside Long Island Sound, where classic Victorians are outnumbered only by herring gulls, On The Level has the danger-driven pace of a mystery thriller and the complex love triangle of a romance. En lire plus En lire moins.

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    Livres Amazon Original. En savoir plus. David Edgar Cournoyer is a do-it-yourself fanatic who lives in Connecticut in a house built by his own hands. He has restored several homes including a hundred year old Victorian-inspired bungalow in the seaside community that served as the inspiration for On the Level. David is also an Anthropologist who has written extensively for professional audiences on the topic of culture and parenting. His favorite author is the late Dick Francis. Il n'y a pour l'instant aucun commentaire client. Partagez votre opinion avec les autres clients. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon.

    On the Level is a romantic mystery set on the Connecticut coast, amongst the windy, hilly roads lined with historic homes. Franklin is restoration apprentice, anxious to get his architectural license that will springboard him into the adult world of pay that exceeds minimum wage, but is sidetracked by the murder of his mentor and friend.

    Search the crate behind the northern most building. This crate is mine, all mine, even if it is in the middle of the desert. Center of Desert Mining Camp. Search the crates. Requires the metal key from Tourist Trap to enter. The treasure is buried in a small building full of bones.

    Here is a hint: it's not near a graveyard. It's in the western building at the Rag and Bone Man 's site near the limestone quarry east of Varrock. Dig south of the box of bones in the smaller building. You'll need to look for a town with a central fountain. Look for a locked chest in the town's chapel. Search the chest by the stairs in the Varrock church, east of the palace. My body is the colour of burnt orange and crawls among those with eight. Three mouths I have, yet I cannot eat. My blinking blue eye hides my grave. Dig on top of the sapphire spawn in the Spiders ' nest in level 46 Wilderness north-west of Lava Dragon Isle.

    And so on, and so on, and so on. Walking from the land of many unimportant things leads to a choice of paths. Dig on Etceteria next to the evergreen tree in front of the castle walls. A great view - watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed. Check the box you are sitting on. Talk to Abbot Langley in the monastery near Edgeville. Aggie I see, Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house yet no house would be complete without me. Your treasure lies beneath me. Dig outside the window of Aggie the Witch's house in Draynor Village. Dig 2 steps east and 1 step south of the center of the fairy ring.

    Dig 4 steps east and 4 steps south of the center of the fairy ring Mudskipper Point. Dig 1 step east and 3 steps south of the center of the fairy ring by the Lighthouse. Dig 6 steps north and 2 steps east of the center of the fairy ring. Between where the best are commemorated for a year, and a celebratory cup, not just for beer. Dig 1 steps south and 2 steps west of the center of the fairy ring. Partial completion of the Holy Grail quest is required to enter this area. Dig 6 steps north and 3 steps west of the center of the fairy ring Fairytale II - Cure a Queen or 50 Agility required.

    Dig 9 steps west of the center of the fairy ring. Dig 2 steps south and 2 steps west of the center of the fairy ring. Answer: 8. Come to the evil ledge , Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung. Dig in Edgeville , just east of the southern yew tree. Covered in shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer.

    Dig in the centre of Mort'ton , where the roads intersect. Just south of Razmire Keelgan. Dig 7 steps north and 4 steps east of the center of the fairy ring. Dig 1 step north and 3 steps east of the center of the fairy ring north east of Rellekka. Dig in the chicken pen inside the Champions' Guild. Requires 32 quest points to enter. Four blades I have, yet draw no blood; Still I turn my prey to powder.

    If you are brave, come search my roof; It is there my blades are louder. Lumbridge windmill , search the crates on the top floor. Talk to General Bentnoze , found in the topmost part of Goblin Village ; he'll give you a puzzle box. Speak to Saniboch at the Brimhaven Dungeon entrance.

    His head might be hollow, but the crates nearby are filled with surprises. Search the crates near the Clay golem in the ruins of Uzer. Speak to Brother Kojo in the Clock Tower. In the city where merchants are said to have lived, talk to a man with a splendid cape, but a hat dropped by goblins. Talk to the head chef in Cooks' Guild west of Varrock. Remember to wear a Chef's Hat. I am a token of the greatest love. I have no beginning or end. My eye is red, I can fit like a glove.

    Go to the place where it's money they lend, And dig by the gate to be my friend. Dig by the gate in the basement of the West Varrock bank. I lie lonely and forgotten in mid wilderness, where the dead rise from their beds. Feel free to quarrel and wind me up and dig while you shoot their heads. Directly under the crossbow respawn in the Graveyard of Shadows in level 18 Wilderness.

    If a man carried my burden, he would break his back. I am not rich, but leave silver in my track. Speak to the keeper of my trail. Speak to Gerrant in the fish shop in Port Sarim. Search the carts in the northern part of the Dwarven Mine. Speak to Ellena at Catherby fruit tree patch. Identify the back of this over-acting brother. He's a long way from home. Talk to Hamid , the monk at the altar in the Duel Arena. You will receive a puzzle box. If you look closely enough, it seems that the archers have lost more than their needles. Search the haystack by the south corner of the Rangers' Guild.

    You need level 40 Ranged to access it. I have many arms but legs, I have just one, I have little family but my seed, You can grow on, I am not dead, yet I am but a spirit, and my power on your quests, you will earn the right to free it.

    It’s true, Box stores are here to stay

    Spirit tree in Tree Gnome Village. Talk to Mawnis Burowgar in Neitiznot. Fremennik Isles jester part required. Mine was the strangest birth under the sun. I left the crimson sack, yet life had not begun. Entered the world, and yet was seen by none. Inside Karamja Volcano , dig directly underneath the red spiders' eggs respawn. My home is grey, and made of stone; A castle with a search for a meal. Hidden in some drawers I am, across from a wooden wheel. Open the drawers inside the room with the spinning wheel on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle. My name is like a tree, yet it is spelt with a 'g'.

    Come see the fur which is right near me. Speak to Wilough , next to the fur merchant in Varrock Square. My giant guardians below the market streets would be fans of rock and roll, if only they could grab hold of it. Dig near my green bubbles! Dig near the cauldron by moss giants under Varrock Sewers. A slash weapon or knife is required to navigate through the sewers.

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    Search the boxes around the hut where the broken dwarf cannon is, close to the start of the Dwarf Cannon quest Northwest of the Fishing Guild. Often sought out by scholars of histories past, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes. Speak to an examiner at the Exam Centre. You might need to talk to several different examiners. Search the bookcase in the basement of Wizards' Tower.


    Dig next to a fishing spot on the south-east side of Burgh de Rott. Talk to Sir Prysin in Varrock Palace. Talk to Hans roaming around Lumbridge Castle. Captain Bleemadge , the gnome glider pilot, is found at the top of White Wolf Mountain. The cheapest water for miles around, but they react badly to religious icons. Talk to Zul-Cheray in a house near the sacrificial boat at Zul-Andra. This village has a problem with cartloads of the undead. Try checking the bookcase to find an answer. Search the bookcase by the doorway of the building just south-east of the Shilo Village Gem Mine.

    The beasts to my east snap claws and tails, The rest to my west can slide and eat fish. The force to my north will jump and they'll wail, Come dig by my fire and make a wish. Dig by the torch in the Ardougne Zoo , between the penguins and the scorpions. Speak to Oziach in Edgeville. Talk to the Guardian mummy inside the Pyramid Plunder minigame in Sophanem.

    Partial completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper is required. Speak to Lord Iorwerth in the elven camp near Prifddinas. He will give you a puzzle box to solve. The magic of 4 colours, an early experience you could learn. The large beast caged up top, rages, as his demised kin's loot now returns. But they were here first. Dig for treasure where the ground is rich with ore.

    Dig at Barbarian Village , next to the Stronghold of Security. When no weapons are at hand, then is the time to reflect. In Saradomin's name, redemption draws closer On Entrana , search the southern drawer in the house with the cooking range on the western side of the island. When you get tired of fighting, go deep, deep down until you need an antidote. Go to Yanille Agility dungeon and fall into the place with the poison spiders , either by repeatedly walking across the balancing ledge level 40 Agility required or praying at the altar of Zamorak.

    Search the crate by the stairs leading up. You have all of the elements available to solve this clue. Fortunately you do not have to go as far as to stand in a draft. Kill a hellhound. A Guthixian ring lies between two peaks. Search the stones and you'll find what you seek. Search the stones several steps west of the Guthixian stone circle in Taverley , search the stones. Speak to Father Aereck in Lumbridge. A ring of water surrounds 4 powerful rings. Dig by the ladder that is located there. Dig on the toad batta spawn in Tarn's Lair. See this map for directions.

    Dig next to the law rift in the Abyss , in the north-east section. Desert insects is what I see, Taking care of them was my responsibility. Your solution is found by digging near me. Dig next to the entomologist , in the Kalphite Cave east of Shantay Pass. Horacio , located in the garden of the Handelmort Mansion in East Ardougne.